Credit Cards

DBBL offers the most secure credit card in the market. A credit card offers greater flexibility for international travel in locations which do not accomodate DBBL Debit Cards. But a credit card is inherently less secure unless it is a Nexus-Pro credit card. The reason why DBBL entered the credit card market at such a late stage is because it did not want to comprimise your security until DBBL itself implemented Nexus-Pro technologies. All credit card DBBL issues are Nexus-Pro credit cards.

Brief Detail of How Nexus-Pro Works
Normal cards use a magnetic strip at the back of the card. The information and security on that magnetic strip is stationary and does not change. Hence it can be easily duplicated. But Nexus-Pro's processor uses its processor to fully digitally lock all the information. It prevents the information from being copied as the processor 'generates' security codes rather than store it. It is a form of encryption.

But Nexus-Pro goes even further. Visualize a series of locks and keys. Every lock has a corresponding key. Your account at DBBL has a digital lock, while your Nexus-Pro card is a digital key to access it. When a fraudlent card tries to access your account, DBBL knows that the correct digital key is not presented and denies access. Further more, DBBL replaces the account lock every second. But because a genuine Nexus-Pro card can generate the correct key using the processor, it can access open the account lock at that very moment. The next instance DBBL changes the account lock again, and your Nexus-Pro card has to generate the key again using its unique processor.

The Nexus-Pro system also prevents one Nexus-Pro card from accessing another Nexus-Pro card. This is because all processors are unique. All Nexus-Pro cards generate keys differently and DBBL is aware of all the differences and knows which card is which so they can access only their authorized accounts. However this was just a brief overview how your Nexus-Pro card works. The detailed workings are more secure and even more revolutionary.


Card Offerings

Image Name :

Card Type

Annual Fee

Visa Credit Gold

Visa Gold Local

1500 +VAT

Visa Gold Multi Currency

2500+ VAT

Visa Credit Classic

Visa Classic Local

1000 +VAT

Visa Classic Multi Currency

1300+ VAT

Master Card Credit Gold

MasterCard Gold Local

1500 +VAT

MasterCard Gold Multi Currency

2500+ VAT

Master Card Credit Classic

MasterCard Classic Local

1000 +VAT

MasterCard Classic Multi Currency

1300+ VAT